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Roof Washing

Roof Washing with Shane's Pristine Powerwash

When it comes to pressure washing your home, an area that homeowners often overlook is the roof. However, roof washing  services are essential for keeping your roof secure and can also help to restore the surface to pristine condition!

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Dark streaks on your home’s roof are more than just ugly. They are also a sign that your roof is dying! These dark streaks indicate the presence of blue-green or black algae and this algae is the first sign of a lichen and moss infestation. The presence of any of these organisms leads to the deterioration of roof shingles. 

Blue-green algae secrets a black substance that has the ability to protect itself from the sun’s UV rays. And when you see these dark streaks on your roof, it is a warning size that stage 2 roof rot and stage 3 root rot are slowly taking over your roof. Stage 2 roof rot is also known as lichen while stage 3 roof rot is moss. When left untreated these intruders will begin to attack your roof and in turn shorten the life span of your roof and shingles. Because of this roof washing services are essential for avoiding the costly repairs associated with roof repairs that typically cost thousands of dollars. Taking the time to schedule regular roof washing services will help keep your roof safe while also saving you from hefty bills later down the road. 

Roof Washing Done Right!

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We clean roofs the exact way that GAF recommends cleaning them. This means your shingles are safe with our cleaning process! We use a special solution comprised of mostly water and some bleach. The solution is sprayed gently onto your roof, then sits for a short amount of time. we then gently rinse off the solution and leave you with a spotless roof.

How these fungi, algae, and bacteria are removed is also an important factor in keeping your home in pristine condition. 

When removed incorrectly your roof will not only be damaged but the warranty on your shingles will be voided and your roof may need to be replaced much sooner than it should be. It is because of this that professional roof washing services are essential to ridding your home of these bacteria. 

Our team of trained technicians only uses methods and systems that will keep your warranty in tact while also helping to preserve the life span of your roof. 

We use a blend of four different materials that work to kill every stage of fungal, algae, and bacterial infestation the same day that the chemicals are applied. Because of this, you will see the dark streaks caused by blue-green algae disappear completely within minutes of application. 

Any lichen that is present will fall off in just a few weeks while any moss that is present will fall off in a few months. This is because lichen and moss have longer roots that have dug themselves deep into the shingles and it takes a little longer for the solution to seep in and degrade the roots! While the lichen and moss will die immediately so you don’t have to worry about them spreading, it does take time for them to wither and dry up before they loosen their grasp on your roof’s shingles. By having regular roof washing services you won’t have to worry about moss and lichen attaching to the surface and overtaking your roof!

Roof Washing Prevents Roof Replacement

Depending on the state of your roof, our technicians may only need to use soft washing techniques to clean your roof, thus saving you tons of money while also preventing unnecessary aging to the surface. Soft washing is the use of chemicals that are environmentally friendly and kill all types of mold and dirt on your home’s roof.

Because algae, lichen, and moss can spread quickly, it is important to schedule your roof washing services now rather than later. Every day this cleaning is postponed is another day that your roof’s aging process is accelerated. Our team at Shane’s Pristine Powerwash is here to keep your roof pristine and void of any damage with our roof washing services! 

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