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Snow Removal Crews

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Snow Removal Crews

Virginia Snow Removal Crews

Our team at Shane’s Pristine Power Wash will work with you to determine which method is best for your property and for your neighborhood. There are a few options that people have when choosing what snow removal services fit best for them and their neighborhood’s area.

Low volume roadways which consist of courts, alleys, and other residential streets are often cleared last by our department of transportation, as they carry the lowest amount of traffic. The number of trucks assigned and the plan implemented during any given storm are dependent on the severity of the event. We can help clear your neighborhood or business parking lot quickly and affordably.

Commercial Property Snow Removal Services

Cold weather brings with it its own set of hurdles–with slippery sidewalks and icy stairs, company owners run the chance of a horrible injury, should a possible customer or passerby happen to fall because of the wintry conditions. Beyond this, an enterprise that is made inaccessible because of an overflow of ice or snow usually means a loss of business, which is the last thing you want!

Business goes on even with snow on the ground, and we understand that at Shane’s Pristine Powerwash. We offer commercial snow plowing services to help keep your parking lots clear and your foot traffic as busy as ever. We own all our own equipment, and will affordably and efficiently clear snow in whatever area you need.

The Pristine Team is proud to be offering snow removal solutions to business owners; helping them keep their steady stream of clients even when Mother Nature dumps snow on the town. With around-the-clock solutions, emergency assistance, and a full team of snow removal specialists, we are the clear choice for commercial snow removal.


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