The Importance of Pressure Washing Fleet Vehicles

The Importance of Pressure Washing Fleet Vehicles

Pressure Washing Fleet Vehicles

As a Fleet owner, we know your responsibilities involve improving productivity, driver retention and customer service. Issues that integrate fleet washing could help your company and its drivers excel in ways you never imagined. The following tips will help put your company’s best “foot” forward every time one of your fleet rolls out onto the open road. As your fleet is on the way to sales calls, maintenance calls, marketing events and more remember that your fleet vehicles are the public face of your operation. It’s important that your fleet always looks its best. Pressure washing semi-trucks, tractors, dump trucks, utility trucks, passenger vehicles, buses, and trailers is a must. Don’t forget about cleaning the engine, as this will promote a vehicle’s longevity. Make regular fleet pressure washing a part of your maintenance routine. This is why the pressure washing industry has started to serve those who have fleets of vehicles. Some companies purchase their own equipment and have their maintenance or janitorial staff do the pressure washing in house. And, others outsource the job to a pressure washing company. But no matter who does it, managers have realized the benefits of the fleet pressure washing cleaning method.

Visibility of your Logo

Your fleet doesn’t wear your company logo just because it looks pretty. The logos are on these vehicles are for visibility. When you pass by an accident, you know what news station is there. When a power line is down, you know what company is fixing it. When someone is getting lunch delivered, you know what he or she is having. That is because these logos are advertising messages. First off, if they are so caked up with dirt, mud, and soot, you may not see the logo. Secondly, a company’s image should be cleaned and polished. When you see a dirty vehicle, it sends the impression that the company doesn’t care. And if they don’t care about maintaining a professional image, what must their service be like?

Get the Job Done Faster

Hand washing each vehicle is a chore in itself. Pressure washing simply gets the job done faster. When you save time you save money.

Set a Schedule

Set a schedule for the frequency your fleet is washed. Perhaps setting aside one day a month/week for everyone to come in to have his or her vehicle washed would be more efficient. If the company is outsourcing the job, this is the way it will have to be done.

Pressure Washing Fleet Vehicles Could Pay for Itself

There are many reasons companies choose to wash their fleet in-house rather than outsource to a professional fleet wash company; the number one reason being cost savings. But the reality is, outsourcing makes more sense for just about any reason you can come up with! And a cost analysis shows that it will actually save you money! Here are the cost factors involved with fleet washing in house and why outsourcing your fleet washing services makes sense. We did a cost analysis with one of our clients and learned that for them, even though they already owned their wash bays and equipment, it was still less expensive to outsource their truck washing. To build your own wash bay would cost approximately $125,000. You’d need proper drainage, and oil and water separator, and proper permits. A mobile unit would cost about $75,000 per unit.

Pressure Washing Fleet Vehicles and the Environment

Due to the way pressure washers work, they are able to clean your Fleet in very little time. This means that the energy and amount of water required to use a pressure washer is actually very minimal, especially in comparison to using something like a garden hose. The majority of pressure washing companies are no longer using cleaners that include detergents that can be harmful to the environment. Instead they are opting to use detergents that are biodegradable or no detergent at all. Contractors have also started using water recovery systems for their fleet pressure washing. Water usage depends on the size of the fleet, but you can imagine how many gallons of water are used to wash a fleet of 15 school buses. A water recovery system will allow you to reuse water so there is less waste. It is not just about eliminating waste, however, but protecting groundwater from waste materials. Protecting our water source is so important that many local governments and municipalities have begun to mandate water recovery.

Using a pressure washer reduces the time it takes to clean your vehicles. Again, saving time and labor saves money. As a business owner, outsourcing to a pressure washer company for your fleet will be one of your smartest investments. Pressure Spray doesn’t wash your fleet for you. We provide the equipment that an in-house team or professional washers use. If you need help with pressure washing fleet vehicles, contact us today for your free quote!