We Will Use Our EXCLUSIVE “Landscaping Services” To Rejuvenate Your Exterior Appeal of Your Residential or Commercial Property!

Need Professional Exterior Landscape Restoration & Maintenance Services?

Does your residential or commercial property need little more curb appeal to attractive more visitors or customers? Does your home landscaping look plain compared to the rest of your neighborhood? Does your business landscaping need to be rejuvenated to restore the “wow” factor?

If you are ready to upgrade your landscaping … contact Shane’s pristine landscaping team. Adding sod trees, shrubs, flowers and other greenery can do wonders for front and back yards as well as courtyards, walkways and other external areas. We can also remove dead trees, stumps, weeds and other junk foliage that just takes up room and detracts from the overall look of your green space.

So, whether you need a one-time service, regular lawn & garden restoration, care and maintenance, or a complete backyard or front area renovation for your business, Shane’s Pristine Powerwash and Exterior maintenance teams are ready to take care of all your needs.

We can design, plan and install your landscaping from the smallest little front yard area to large scale commercial properties.

These Services Include …

  • Residential Landscaping
  • Commercial Landscaping
  • One-time service or regular lawn & garden restoration, care and maintenance
  • a complete backyard or front area renovation for your business