Fence Pressure Washing

Fence Pressure Washing

Fence Pressure Washing

If your fence has lost its luster and shine, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to replace it. You can easily refurbish the fence and get it back to looking like new with just a few simple steps. Wooden fences start to collect grime and lose their coating after a few years. Once the protective coating deteriorates, the wood underneath ages, and the fence begins to appear gray and dirty. The drought may have you steering clear of pressure washing, but if you find a pressure washing company with water recovery you don’t have to wait until reservoirs are full again to get your fence, home, and driveway cleaned.

If you’re in a “DIY” mood, you can rent or purchase pressure washers. Look for a washer with a pressure rating between 1500-2000 PSI. Anything higher will be too powerful for a fence and could lead to irreparable damage to the wood. Rent both a 15-degree and 25-degree washer tip to get the most effective pressure stream. As you get used to using the 25-degree tip, you can switch to the 15, if you need more strength.


Clean With Detergent


Work in sections. Start from one end of your fence and wet the first section of fencing. Spray down surrounding foliage as well to saturate the soil prior to using detergent. This will help to encourage the runoff of detergent water to prevent harming your plants.

When you begin power washing, start off about 18 inches away from the fence, and move in as needed to wash more resistant spots. You’ll see the gray surface of the wood fall away, revealing the fresh wood underneath. Once the fence is washed, wait 24 hours (or until the fence is completely dry) before gluing any broken pieces, and coat the wood with a semitransparent oil stain.

After you pressure wash your fence, you can effectively apply paint or sealant


After pressure washing your fence, let it dry for at least 48 hours. You want to allow enough time for all of the absorbed water to evaporate from the wood so it doesn’t get sealed in.

Once your fence is fully dry, it’s important to paint or seal it so that it doesn’t become damaged by the sun and wind. You can either paint your fence for a bright new look, or you can seal it to allow the wood grain to show through.

Seal it fully, and don’t miss the edges of the boards between the gaps. The boards on privacy fences may be too close together to seal between them, but spread sealer into the grooves between the boards to cover any exposed wood the best you can.

After the sealer is dry, your fence will look brand new, like it was put up yesterday. Pressure wash your fence annually to keep it looking like new. You shouldn’t have to apply fresh paint or sealant every year, but you should reapply it every few years or so to keep it protected.


Save Time and Effort With Professional Pressure Washing

Want a clean, beautiful fence without wasting a day of your weekend? We can pressure wash your fence for you. We have the right equipment and experience to help you maintain a gorgeous fence around your Virginia or South Carolina home. Request your free pressure washing quote today to get a  quote on our pressure washing services for your next fence or gate maintenance project. We are your local pressure washing experts!