Customer Checklist

Customer Checklist

1 ) Please be sure to park any vehicles either in your garage or on the street so we can have easy access to your driveway.

2) Also we need to insure that your water is turned on at the house hose spickets so we can use your water.

3) When the crew is finished, please do not pay in cash and do not pay before the job is done. Just walk around the house and visually inspect it. These guys are very careful and thorough but they are human and they can miss a spot. It is so much easier to catch that spot while they are standing there.

4) And then just write a check out to Pristine Powerwash, put it in an envelope, seal it and hand it to the Technician.

5) We LOVE our Facebook 5 star reviews and want to do everything in our power to insure that you are so happy that we get another 5 star review from you. The key is communication. If any issue comes up, give us a call.

6) MOVING ITEMS: Just a reminder to move anything portable from the (deck, patio, front porch) so the Furniture Moving Fee is not triggered.

7) RESCHEDULE: Also, should you have to reschedule for any reason… and we understand that stuff happens and you might have to reschedule so that is OK… we just ask that IF POSSIBLE try to give us at least 48 hours notice. The men get paid for each job they do, so with enough notice, sometimes we can still book a job in that slot and they will still earn a decent amount for that day.

8) RAIN: If it rains, we will probably still be there… unless there is thunder and lightning!

9) I should also remind you that our standard, wonderful Soft Wash system removes mold, mildew, algae, fungus, dirt and pollen… but it does not remove stains or oxidation. We can remove either one, but these are different services.

10) Finally, PLEASE insure your windows and doors are closed tightly and sealed. Naturally we cannot be held responsible should water gain entrance to your house. We don’t use high pressure, but if your windows are open or your seals are defective, water naturally CAN come inside.